Owner & Engineer - Gym Eaton

Nebula Recording Studio opened for business in 2003 and is owned and operated by Gym Eaton in Franklin, Tennessee.

At the age of 15, Gym made a phone call to Warner Brothers Nashville and began an internship at the label’s in-house recording studio, The Loft Recording Studio.  

Gym worked at The Loft as a 2nd Engineer under Bob Tassi from 1992 until the studio closed in 2000.  At The Loft, he learned the studio business and 2nd engineered alongside Bob Tassi and Warner Brothers Nashville President, Jim Ed Norman.  He worked on countless demos and full length albums, while bumping elbows and working alongside multiple legendary musicians and music executives.

At The Loft, Gym was privileged to have worked as a 2nd Engineer on projects with artists such as Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Brenda Lee, Elvis Costello, Faith Hill, BJ Thomas, Kathie Lee Gifford, The Fairfield Four, and many others.  Gym received 2nd Engineer album credits with Michael Martin Murphy, Little Texas, Mark O’Connor, and others.

The Loft was known for its extensive and world renowned collection of vintage outboard gear and microphones which Gym helped to curate and was fortunate to use to learn his engineering skills.  After the studio closed in 2000, the gear was sold off with the majority of the microphone collection being bought by John McBride and is currently in use at Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

In 2000, Gym took a master class in Digidesign Pro Tools through Audio One in Nashville, and spent the next year as a freelance 2nd Engineer in Studio B of Nashville’s world famous SoundShop Studios.

In 2003, Gym opened Nebula Recording Studio in his home where he currently operates the studio.

From 2008-2010, Gym had the opportunity to work for legendary music executive, Reen Nalli, on the Artist Management and Artist Development side of the business.  This led him to the touring side of the business where he toured the United States and Canada with R&B legend, India.Arie and guitar extraordinaire, Joe Robinson.  

Gym eventually became a freelance Tour Manager and from 2010-2014, he toured with multiple artists on tours throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, including tours opening for Everclear, Queens of the Stone Age, and KISS.

Plans to expand Nebula Recording Studio to a larger facility are in the works, and will materialize in the next couple of years.

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Nebula Recording Studio